Indicador para areas clasificadas Mettler PUMA


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Indicador Mettler Toledo Modelo Puma Para areas clasificadas, acreditado por la F.M. a prueba de explosión, con fuente de poder intrinsecamente segura


The PUMA terminal is designed for ease of use, from its straight-forward calibration to its dual-labeled keyboard, and to weigh consistently and reliably in the toughest production envirionments. The PUMA terminal works with a variety of stationary or portable scales, and can be mounted on a wall or column or used on a desktop.

Three power sources are available - AC power, internal battery, and external battery.

The display is the largest in the industry, with 1 inch (25 mm) numbers and symbols.

Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and rated NEMA 4X (IP65), thePUMA terminal is ideal for use in the harshest environment.

Features and Benefits
  • The one-inch (25 mm) display is the largest in the industry and has symbols for indicating weight units of measure, low battery, gross or net mode, tare status, and center of zero.
  • The PUMA terminal has three power sources (AC power, internal battery or external battery), so the power source can be matched to the application.
  • The PUMA terminal´s corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction and its chemical-resistant, polyester keyboard enable it to weigh consistently and reliably in the toughest production environments.
Specifications - PUMA weighing terminal
Housing Stainless steel 
Degree of protection IP65 (NEMA 4X) 
Display 1 inch (25 mm) tall, high contrast custom LCD 
Keyboard Polyester overlay with hardcoat; 20 keys-English/graphics 
Interfaces Two optional via fiber optics 
Applications Weighing in explosive environments 
Suitable platforms / weigh modules Approved analog load cell bases 
A/D rate (int./ext) 7-16 programmable 
Mounting options Wall, column, desktop 
Hazardous area approval FM, CSA 
Options Power supplies; serial ports 
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